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Tuition is computed on the assumption that a student remains throughout the academic term. Students are obligated for all charges (tuition/fees/books/supplies) for the term they are currently enrolled in plus any prior account balance. Since a place in class has been reserved for each student, tuition is billed at the beginning of the term. Tuition is due and obligated on or before the first day of class in the period of enrollment or term except for those funds to be covered by federal aid sources designated by the Parker Financial Aid Department. PARKER STUDENTS ARE CHARGED BY THE TERM OR FOUR-MONTH PERIOD OF ENROLLMENT, NOT PER CLASS. If courses are added AFTER the initial billing period, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Financial Services office for due dates and amounts related to tuition in order to avoid any holds for attendance to classes.

Refund Policy for Institutional Charges

The Parker University Refund Policy exists for calculating the refund of institutional charges.  After the drop/add deadline (first week of the first class in the term), students are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with that period of enrollment. Students should seek advice from the business office for clarification of tuition and fees owed if canceling or withdrawing from classes.  Any refund of tuition is processed in accordance with the university refund policy.  Students who officially withdraw from the university after the first day of registration will receive a refund of tuition of 100% if the withdrawal is made on or before the drop/add deadline. Reductions in indebtedness are made solely at the discretion of the university.

A student withdrawing from the university must comply with proper clearance procedures as outlined in the Withdrawal Policy. No refunds are made without an official withdrawal. Discontinuance of class attendance or notification to instructors of an intention to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Fiscal Clearance/Tuition Payments

Parker University is implementing a new fiscal clearance/payment process with payment deadlines. Fiscal clearance means the settlement of all semester charges. This change will mean better service for students and the overall University community. Under this new process, students will be able to log into MyParker to view account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans. Students must clear their accounts no later than the last day to add/drop for the term. Students who have not paid their total balance due or who are delinquent on payment plans prior to the close of business on the last day of add/drop could have their schedule dropped for the term.

Semester charges may be settled through one or more of the following methods:

  1. Finalized financial aid awards and/or loans.

  2. Payment in full of net amount due.

  3. Enrollment in a Cashnet payment plan through MyParker or an approved signed payment plan with the Business Office.

  4. Proof of a third-party payer approved through the Business Office (examples: VA benefits, Texas Workforce, outside scholarships).

An account that has a balance due at the end of the term, unless a payment plan is in place and is current, will have a hold placed on the account which will prevent registration and release of transcripts and diplomas. 

Students are responsible to pay any balances that are not covered by financial aid or approved third-party payers. Payments can be made online at MyParker. Electronic payments are accepted from a checking and/or savings account. Payments made with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and/or Discover card are also accepted. There are no processing fees for online payments. For more information about this policy please contact the Business Office at 214-902-2410.

Disbursement Policy of Financial Aid Funds

The Business Office works closely with the Financial Aid Office to process all funds awarded to students. Disbursements of all loans, grants, and scholarships are disbursed onto the eligible student’s account after processing by the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office.

A refund will be issued to the student for any excess balance (credit balance) within 14 days of the credit.  Factors taken into consideration to determine eligibility for disbursement of financial aid and refunds are Satisfactory Academic Progress, enrolled credit hours, and weeks of enrollment. If any of these factors change after disbursement, then this will affect the student’s account which could result in the student owing funds to the University.

For students who receive federal financial assistance, financial aid disbursement dates vary based on the program and the number of enrolled hours. For continuing DC students, funds for the trimester are received prior to the term start date and are disbursed as a refund within 14 days of the financial aid disbursement. For all incoming DC students, readmitted students, and students on academic warning status, funds will be disbursed during the third week of the term after attendance and qualifications are verified. Students that do not meet SAP requirements may not receive financial aid unless an appeal is approved by the SAP Appeals Committee.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees. All charges, including tuition and fees, are due and obligated on or before the first day of class except for those funds to be covered by federal aid resources designated by the Parker Financial Aid Department.

Tuitions and Fees Information

Payment plans may be established with the Business Office online at's_Office/