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Attendance Policy

A professional education requires a full-time commitment by the student. Thus, Parker University considers attendance at all scheduled classes and laboratories to be mandatory. Classes are demanding, and academic standards are high. Students must expect to spend a significant part of each day in and out of class studying to successfully complete the program. Students are expected to attend, be attentive, and participate in all classroom and laboratory activities.

Students are responsible for their own attendance for each course in which they are enrolled. Students must be in attendance by the end of the drop/add period or they are not permitted to begin courses and their enrollment will be cancelled for the term. For any student that has been absent from all courses for ten (10) consecutive days will be administratively withdrawn from the university due to non-attendance. Specific programs may have attendance policies that have additional requirements beyond that of the university. In those cases, the program attendance policy must be followed. For additional information on specific program attendance policies, please refer to the program’s student handbook.

On-Campus Attendance

If a roll sheet is used, it is the student’s responsibility to sign the roll sheet for every class session. Attendance roll sheets are passed out at the beginning of each class. To be counted present for a class, the student must be present, in their seat, and must sign the roll sheet.

Tardiness is disruptive to the class. A professor may refuse to allow a tardy student to enter the classroom. A student who is tardy to a class and does not sign the roll sheet will be counted absent for that class period. A student may in fact be bodily present in the class, but if the student’s signature does not appear on the roll sheet associated with their name, the student will be marked as absent from that class.

Online Attendance

Attendance in an online class requires a student to log in and complete an academically related activity such as a course certification, discussion post, assignment or quiz. Simply logging into the online class does not constitute attendance.